Message from President

SOHGO HOUSING CO., Ltd. was established in 1955, ever since, we have developed many luxurious apartments such as "Dai-ichi Mansions" in high-class residential areas of Tokyo and have accommodated important residents including foreign diplomats, executives and their families.

Today after over half century of our corporate history, we expand our business from various perspectives such as development, subdivision for sale, besides in lease and property management that is our core business. We provide high-quality residences and valuable urban spaces based on our experiences and achievements for long years.

Basic Strategies under New Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2016-FY2018)

  • The concept of New Medium -Term Management Plan;
  • "Challenge 2018"

    • For sustainable growth of our company, we will "challenge" to gain good business opportunities, and to overcome various difficulties.
    • As the result of our continuous "challenge " to establish our position, will be selected by customer all the more ,& being proud of by all staff
  • Basic policy of New Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2016-FY2018);
  • During this term, we execute four basic policies of business points as below.

    • Establish strong profit & financial foundation
    • Make continuous effort for our Growth (try to acquire new properties)
    • Develop human resources & build an active and competitive organization
    • Improvement of business quality, productivity, and internal control for compliance

Takehide Itonaga

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